What is my why?

I went on a really long dog walk this morning. These walks always let my mind wander and let my creative thoughts run a little wilder. On this particular walk I was thinking about my business and the work that I do. I thought a lot about why I copy edit. Why I want to be my own boss. From that, this post was born! What actually is my why? How does this show in my everyday working life? Why is it so important to have a why? Let’s discuss!

I’ve run my own business for a year (see this reflective post for more info). I discovered it’s not all smooth sailing, and there are plenty of rocky patches that 100% encourage you to give up. But I haven’t yet and don’t intend to. I think that’s because the reasoning behind my business is so strong and really reflective of my core values as a person. My business really does tap into my personality, and I believe that has led my why to be really strong.

What is a ‘why’ though?

A ‘why’ relates to your beliefs, values, and instincts. It’s the explanation of your motivation and reasoning behind whatever it is you’re doing.

Why is this an important thing?

Having a clear understanding of your why will make it so easy to set and implement goals and tasks. That strong sense of knowing what your purpose is will help you when you tackle tricky experiences or hit low points. Having a why means you’ll be more motivated. You remember the benefits of what you’re doing; you know the values you’re implementing. You’ll also be more orientated with clearer purposes. Your decision-making process will be more effective because what you decide will always reflect your goals.

What is my personal business why?

I want to boost people & help them achieve their goals. I love supporting others & find it so empowering to work collaboratively to reach a goal. I’m utterly passionate about reading and writing. Using words to reach and resonate with others is such an important thing to me.

When you already love what your job is based around, finding your why is much easier! I could literally make a huge list of reasons why I do what I do!

Being so clear about my why drives me forward and brings purpose to everything I do. It helps me to remain consistent within my business, as everything I publish, post, create, & write resonates back.

So, if you haven’t already, I suggest you have a think about your business/work-based why! If you need to be more productive, implentative, consistent, and accountable, having a clear sense of why you do what you do will help you—and then some.

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2 thoughts on “What is my why?

  1. Nice article. It’s always good to remind yourself why you are doing things, especially during those tough days. Sometimes, you don’t need to remind yourself. Sometimes, someone does it for you with a referral or a kind word about the work you did for them. Those for me are the best reminders.

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