Long-Term Copy Edit Benefits

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A copy edit looks at all kinds of things, and will definitely go in-depth! A copy editor aims to provide edits and suggestions on a multitude of writing elements that will result in boosted writing.

But what are the long-term effects of a copy edit? If we look beneath the grammatical, consistent surface, what is it about a copy edit that changes a writer’s thought processes and skills? There are so many benefits for that one piece of writing that I work on, but there’s a lot that will benefit future writing as well.

A copy edit encourages personal growth

When a writer gets a piece of work back from me, they get the edits and the comments behind them. The comments are essential. They contain the reasoning and what the writer can learn to avoid the error in the future. That reasoning and logic are so important because the client can learn from their mistakes and improve their writing in the future. BAM! Long-term growth right there!

If I noticed a consistent error with colons, I’d link the client to my favourite punctuation site. Then, they can learn and correct themselves in the future. My client develops their skills and knowledge through working with me, and that can equal better writing.

We can increase self-confidence

I find writers and creators to be incredibly humble people, unaware of their genius and talent. They worry that their writing/content isn’t up to scratch and that I’ll find soooo many errors to pull apart. I’m an overthinker in most aspects of my life, including my writing, so fully resonate with my client’s worries.

This means that through my copy editing process, I aim to increase my client’s self-confidence. I want the people I work with to go away feeling good about themselves and their abilities, and I believe this to be common amongst all copy editors. When I complete work, I always point out what I love, what’s well developed, what really works. In this sense, I’m creating long-term increased confidence for writers to apply to their future.

A copy edit shows you what needs developing, which is okay because we want to evolve and grow in our practices. It will also show your strengths, and that’s what you can celebrate and become more aware of.

Copy editing flags up the importance of different elements in writing

A lot of my clients place a great deal of focus on their actual words, the flow, readability; the way they will resonate with their audience. When I bring up things like consistency, clarity, and fact-checking, they can be more unsure. There are plenty of elements that add up to great writing, which is tricky because you can only focus on so many things.

A copy edit helps my clients to be more efficient in the future when incorporating writing elements. For example, as you begin writing, you can create a style sheet, put down all your choices as you go, to ensure consistency. Because you do this alongside your writing, you cut down on the effort it would take to do it all at once.

You can gain a bigger, more engaged audience

If you’ve invested in a copy editor, you want to gain that investment back. A long-term effect of a copy edit is that it should contribute massively to your audience. A bigger, better audience. This is long-term as you’ll gain an audience that should stick with you and your writing. The reason? Copy editing increases consistency and helps you tailor every sentence to your target audience!

As you can see, there are plenty of long-term effects from a copy edit. When you look past the piece of writing and think about a much bigger picture, you can see how long-term the benefits can be. My main focus as a copy editor is on the piece of writing that needs editing, but I think we can go so much further. I love to think about my client and how I can benefit them and their future writing career too. I want my copy editing service to be an investment that pays off for a very long time and benefits you in the long run.

Check out my homepage or service page if you’re wanting to invest in your writing and utilise a copy edit!

As always, thanks so much for reading my blog! If you’ve found this post helpful, or you have further thoughts to add, let me know in a comment.

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