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Were you aware that copy editing can apply to more than just manuscripts? A copy editor can actually work with any form of writing, no matter how big or small! This could be really helpful for a small business owner…

When you launch and own a small business, I bet you do more writing than you realise. You may have a website with a blog attached to it. You could write emails and newsletters for customers. Launch pages for products and events. Social media posts and captions. All of these are forms of writing, and they can all be benefitted and boosted by a copy edit.

What does copy editing do?

Copy editing looks at grammar. consistency, clarity, flow, readability, legality, formatting, and more. If a copy editor targeted their process to your small business website, they would ensure your writing is high quality, fit for audience and purpose; with clear messages, no legality issues, and consistent branding throughout.

*Please note that when I say branding, I’m talking about your theme, your colouring, your fonts, logos, phrases, language type, and more!

Why is this important for a small business?

1. Copy editing will ensure consistency across multiple platforms

– If you utilised copy editing for your small business, you should let that copy editor work across all the platforms that you use. This is because they can work with you to identify all the visible and applicable choices you make for your business, and then apply those choices consistently wherever your business shows up. This means that your audience will see the same colours whether they look at your newsletter, website, or Instagram. Your writing style will be the same whether your audience is reading through your website or your Facebook.

-This is important because it means that your audience and possible customers or clients will be able to pick you out easily in their feeds. They’ll recognise you more easily, and this can lead to a more engaged relationship, which can then equal more sales.

Check out this post if you want to learn more about the importance of consistency!

2. Copy editing decreases errors

– If you’re running a small business, you want to appear trustworthy and professional. Even if your writing is really informal, you don’t want errors cropping up. If a potential client reads through your website and notices spelling mistakes, it could result in a lowered opinion and a loss of a sale, or they could just become distracted and unengaged.

Copy editing looks to correct as many errors and inconsistencies as possible. Your copy editor should have exceptional grammatical knowledge, as well as a clear understanding of your choices. This means that they can read through everything and remove the typos that could disengage your audience; helping you look professional. The result of this is increased engagement, respect, and trust from your possible client base.

3. You can communicate your offers clearly

-When you run a business, you want people to easily understand what it is your selling, and what you can bring to improve their lives and experiences. This applies to anyone, whether you’re selling wax melts or providing a virtual assistant service. Wherever you write, you’re going to be sending messages to people. Messages that will convert people to clients or customers. If your messaging isn’t clear, people are less likely to be converted.

-Copy editors want to know your writing goals. They want to know what you’re aiming to achieve with your writing. This is because when they edit, they’ll make sure that your writing matches up to those aims and goals—clearly. They look at your flow and readability, and edit sentences and paragraphs to improve that, which means that your writing becomes nicer to read, and your offers and intentions are clear.

-Once your messages and offers have improved clarity and readability, your audience will engage more. Engagement=improved relationship=effective communication=sales.

Something to remember

The most important thing to know is that a good copy editor will personalise their services to you. They will ask you plenty of questions to understand your business, your goals, your writing and content intentions. When a copy editor knows these things, they can ensure that their copy editing keeps your branding, your style, your voice. Those important things that set you apart from others won’t be removed, just boosted. Plus, a copy editor will know your pain-points, know what aspects of writing and content creation you struggle with and will specifically target those things.

It’s so important to know that you don’t have to do everything alone and by yourself. Being good at everything is a little impossible. Sharing out the things that aren’t in your zone of genuis allows your business to grow in quality. You get time back, less stress, and you’ll generate more income and engagement. You’ve got someone in your corner, and isn’t that something we all need?

Please let me know if you would like any help with your writing and content! Check out my Instagram for tips, tricks, and a little more insight into the world of copy editing. I’d love to connect with you there. If you’re interested in working with me and getting a copy edit for your business, send me an email:

Thanks for reading!

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