The importance of consistency in writing

Ask any editor about their buzzwords, and I guarantee that consistency will be on the list. We luuuurve it! And you should too. My interpretation and definition of consistency is the parts of something working in harmony/agreement together. It’s staying the same, following the same processes, creating the same look. The opposite of consistency canContinue reading “The importance of consistency in writing”

Can editors provide you with perfection?

I could make this post super easy and short for you. No. No, editors of all types cannot promise you perfection. Any editor that does is lying.  But, let’s delve deeper. Any person’s writing is flawed by default. That’s the privilege we have of being unique individuals with individual thoughts, experiences, and passions. We mustContinue reading “Can editors provide you with perfection?”

How you can begin your novel.

Sometimes actually figuring out the beginning of your novel can be the hardest thing. You want a reader to be hooked as soon as possible and know that so much can play on those first few pages. But what are your options? What are the different ways you can start that will encourage a readerContinue reading “How you can begin your novel.”

How does a book stand out and become memorable? What can you do to help your writing stand out?

As you would probably hope from someone who loves to copy edit manuscripts, I’ve read A LOT of books. I couldn’t speculate a number. I’ve read for as long as I can remember, but I can’t recollect everything I’ve ever read. I find this pretty annoying, I’d love to be able to clearly recall allContinue reading “How does a book stand out and become memorable? What can you do to help your writing stand out?”