Enabling trust

Trust is such an essential part of any job. Trust with your co-workers, your boss, your clients, etc. Personally, the trust that’s essential for me is client trust. Within my profession (copy editing and proofreading), I take on clients and provide them with a service. They’re the people who bring my income and work level.Continue reading “Enabling trust”

What helps me get through a tough day

We all have those days. The ones that leave us desperate to burrow under the bed covers, close our eyes and sleep. They’re draining, stressful and can really bring out the worst in us. Not fun at all. However, after experiencing a few too many of these kinds of days, I’ve learned more about whatContinue reading “What helps me get through a tough day”

What working for myself and changing my career has taught me.

This year has seen me completely swap careers and make the move to fully working for myself. Previously, I was a busy special needs teaching assistant. I’m now a detail orientated, word-loving copy editor and proofreader. This post is focused on what my career change has taught me and what I’ve loved about beginning toContinue reading “What working for myself and changing my career has taught me.”